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I tan all my own deer hides I've always wondered if it would be easier
to just send the whole bunch out and have them tanned, I scrolled down
a little and a few of u were carrying on about this being the only way
to go.Do you have these wet tanned, do the ears come back with any holes
to sew what about the face What about money difference on doing it yourself
or sending out. Do they get back pretty fast any names on some good
tanneries to use I always use New Method for my bears and bigger game
elk moose etc. Do they have them shaved thin what about the ones that
you just skin and send frozen no ear opening or splitting of lips nose.

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Commercial Tannery

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I have been sending and tanning skins for a long time
if I don't have time to tan them myself then I do
send them out. I use two or three different places
that do a great job and he's always helping out
here is Arlington cape Kieth Daniels. The second one
that I use is South Texas Fur dreesers Tom Piwietz,
I have occasionly tried different places but feel the
safest with these two.
good luck Jered Thompson

To answer your questions...

This response submitted by Perry on 3/25/99. ( )

I find it much easier to send the capes out. cost for tanning ranges about
25 to 30 dollars a cape. While materials for tanning don't add up to that,
your time in tanning and shaving may well be costing more per cape. that
depends on your hourly rate. Wet vs dry tans is something you will have
to evaluate for yourself. The difference between the two is that the
wet tanned capes have not been tumbled to a broken dry state( at least
that is my understanding). Weither you use dry or wet tan will depend much
on your volume and available freezer space. If you are talking about
a dozen deer capes and you have the freezer space to store them until you are
ready to mount them it may not be a problem. If you don't have the freezer space,
then you definitely will want to go with the dry tan. It is possible for
ears to "blow out" from sawdust during tumbling. There are ways to prevent it check
some of the previous threads. I haven't had problems with getting back
more holes that I send down. That is pretty much depends on the tannery and its
reputation. Most tanneries offer 45 to 60 day turn around on deer capes and hides at
no extra charge. You may need to specify the faster turn around on the invoice. Check
the tanneries policy. Most tanneries charge extra for turning lips and ears. I believe
most tanneries would prefer they shave the skins instead of you. You should check with the
tannery you plan on using. My tannery is not excepting new customers at this time, but I can
tell you that I have delt with them exclusively for the past 7 yrs. I send them everything
from mink to moose. My advice would be to do some leg work, check the ads in breakthrough and
Taxidermy Today. Call around ask question and make a decisions. You should make out
ok since you have some experience dealing with new method. I believe they are one of the
reputable larger tanneries.

Another tannery

This response submitted by Glen on 3/25/99. ( )

try this place been real good to me Quality Tan 912-13th street great falls montana 59401 Steve Tylinski 406-453-9397

another vote for commercial

This response submitted by Rob on 3/25/99. ( )

If you have any volume of work the commercial tannery is the only way to go.I couldn't afford not to send my hides out.Why do you want to spend weeks or months standing over a fleshing machine shaving hides, messing with acids, oils, etc,when a company that specializes only in tanning hides can do it for you probably with much better results.While the hides are being tanned you can be putting together other mounts for profit.I choose only the dry or soft tan.The wet tan may be ok but I prefer my hides to return dry and stable to my shop.It saves 2nd day shipping and if the wet hides get delayed I could forsee problems.As far as holes go,yes sometimes they happen but that is part of taxidermy.Do you ever cut holes shaving? Holes in the ears can be avoided almost entirely with cable ties.I believe you will find the overall quality of your finished mount to be better with the commercial tan also.I believe I use the same tannery as Perry because the company I use is also no longer accepting new customers and are even not accepting work from some former customers.I would recommend to send a couple hides out to tanneries near you (I wouldn't recommend shipping across country because of added expense)and compare quality.That is how I found the one I have used for years. I would always send the hides dry salted with everything split and fleshed (most tanneries will not even accept frozen items).I spend a little more time than most people fleshing the face on the tannery items.By sort of prefleshing the nose,lips, eyes,etc, the shavers at the tannery do not have to risk shaving as close on these delicate areas thus reducing holes to no almost none.
Hope this info has helped--good luck

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