Need Formula for pickleing with safetee acid

Submitted by Marc on 3/26/99. ( )

Need instruction for safetee acid pickle !!!Also if someone could give me instructions for tanning with Rittels Ez100 based on water volume rather than drained weight. Thanks in advance!!!!

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No Problem!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 3/26/99. ( )

Marc - I'll give you the SA-200 formula here, but E-mail me or Call me at (508) 822-3821, and I'll send or fax the EZ-100 instructions to you right away. The formula for mixing Saftee Acid is: To every 1 Gallon of Pickling solution, add 0.5 fl. ozs. of Saftee Acid (SA-200), and 1 Lb. of Salt. Your ph should read approx. 1.1-1.5. Just keep it under 2.0 and you'll be safe. Your Salt content should read on your Salinometer, 40-43%. DO NOT add Lysol or anything else to this pickle!!!!!!. Under a 2.0 you will sterilize and kill all bacteria anyway, so dont waste your money on a bacteriacide once its in the SA-200 pickle. I highly recommend that when you place the skins in you stir and check your ph 1-2 hours later. Make sure it stays below a 2.0. Leave the skins in it for 3 days, and stir it every day. After 3 days, you can either take them out and shave, degrease, wash, rinse and return them to the pickle for another 24 hours before neutralizing and tanning - OR leave them in the pickle until you're ready to tan them. Its safe to leave them there for several weeks. Its a great pickling acid!


This response submitted by frank on 3/26/99. ( )

Yes it is a great pickle. I finally got time to say thanks Bruce for a safe pickle. I enojoyed using it very much. Did wonders for my hides. The one thing I noticed is after pickling for 3 days and then shaving them, the hides seam to soften up real nice. Great stuff Bruce thanks for the new acid.

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