Oxalic acid vs.saftee acid ?

Submitted by Doug on 3/26/99. ( doug.craig@gte.net )

Being new to taxidermy I am unsure what the difference is between using the different type of acids. I have tanned quite a few different types of pelts using oxalic acid and Lutan F and have had good results. I would like to learn more about the different types of pickles and tans and when to use which type to improve results or tanning time. Thanks a ton, I've learned a lot reading through the postings!

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Its all in the name!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 3/27/99. ( rittel@ici.net )

There are a lot of Acids to choose from, but as the name implies, the Saftee Acid is the safest to work with, and it does an excellent job. It is also economical! One Quart of it will make 64 Gallons of Pickling solution - you only use 0.5 fl. ozs. of it per each 1 gallon of water needed. AND - it has almost no influence on the tan you choose! Let's face it, once you neutralize the acid it has little or no effect on the tan! This is especially true of Saftee Acid. Oxalic acid is a poison. Its alright to use if you have no kids or pets around, but always be mindful that it is a poison. I liked it in the past, before Saftee Acid because I could pickle a cape and leave it in the pickle for 3-4 months and it remained stable. And the ph never changed. But I can also do that with Saftee Acid - SO - why use Oxalic? One other point about these 2 acids. Oxalic pickles at a 1.5 ph and Saftee Acid at a 1.1 ph. Both kill all bacteria - below a 2.0 ph bacteria are dead - so you have a sterile skin after pickling. So there's also no need to use a bactericide or Lysol in your process, and especially not in the pickle! The bacteria are gone! As long as you keep the ph of your Saftee Acid below a 2.0 - you should have no problems.

Thanks Bruce

This response submitted by Doug on 3/27/99. ( )

I was unaware that oxalic acid was a poison, I have three kids and two dogs so I guess I need to switch. Can I use safetee acid with my Lutan F. When I purchased it I over bought?

Saftee Acid works well with Lutan F!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 3/28/99. ( rittel@ici.net )

Doug - Saftee Acid, once your skin or cape is neutralized, has no influence on the Tanning agent you use. Lutan F is fine, used in conjunction with the Saftee Acid pickle. Together, they produce a good tanning system!

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