Please - Say hello at the World Show!

Submitted by Bruce Rittel on 3/27/99. ( )

I'll be at the Breakthrough's World Show in Springfield IL at Booth #162 NC - and I'd love to meet all of you that are attending. Please stop by, introduce yourself, and say hello. I'll be doing 2 Seminars there on "Trouble Shooting Tanning" - and guess what? I'm basing it all on the questions you have asked here on WASCO's Forum!! But this is an opportunity to explore these questions IN DEPTH!! This is the best of best Shows, and I'm excited about it. Its a chance for me to finally meet some of you and I love to talk about tanning! I hope you'll enjoy my Seminars - and if you're unable to attend - WASCO will be video taping it for release later.

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Mr Rittle

This response submitted by Glen on 3/28/99. ( )

Could you e-mail me and give me an address or a phone number to get in touch with you .Iv sent a e-mail to you twice and both were returned to me.Thank you Glen

Will your seminar be tapped

This response submitted by Travis on 3/29/99. ( )

Bruce if they do tape your seminars i`d like to get a copy....Thanks

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