DRY Preservative

Submitted by PHIL on 9/27/1998. ( TAXI0085@aol.com )

I do deer with dry prev. first i skin deer then put borax on it then flesh it then wash it put dry perv. on and mount it never had a deer to slip or hair come out for the past 6 years.NOW FOR MY QUESTION. Can i skin deer chunk off red meat salt hide down come back later an flesh hide then resalt let dry, then relax the cape an put dry perv. on then mount it. want to try tanning but this dry perv. has worked so far. Know i need to tan must change with the times,to many tans and ways guess i will experment some.thanks

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dry preserve?

This response submitted by Bob Coughlin on 10/1/1998. ( bobswildlife@webtv.net )

Phil, The process you discribe will work with a couple added steps. But first,I wish you would cosider tanning your capes.Dry preserve does work,but in my part of the country with such extreme temp. changes and humidity changes I dont trust it.By the way , I'm from UPSTATE NY .Not New York City.I know some taxidermist in Texas that swear buy it.And it works for them.When I first started I used it for every thing. Then I started getting calls that the deer heads I did were starting to crack around the eyes and nose.I spent as much time repairing these heads as I did when I first mounted them.Not very cost efective.So I decided to tan my hides. I've tried almost every tan thats out there and by far the best I've used is Rittels EZ100 .I know I really push this product,but I dont work for rittels,I use it because it works!! Its a real tan.Getting back to your original question,If your really set on using dry preserve.Like you stated, romove heavy meat,turn ears,split lips Etc. Salt and drain and resalt and dry.You then can rehydrate at a later time.Rehydrate in a salt solution and SHAVE the skin.Wash the skin good to remove the salt or it wil leak moisture whenits mounted.You can then dry preserve and mount.I hope this helps you out.Oh by the way us a good hide paste thats compatable with dry preserve . Bob C.

Here too!!!

This response submitted by The Fur Dresser on 10/11/1998. ( )

Bob, some taxidermists in Texas,I'm told, do use the dry preserative,
but the end result is the same , cracking in places
you wouldn't even tell your Mother.

If you do your own capes, tan them, liquid tan, aluminun
sulfate(cheap) or any way other that that chemically
changes the structure and put oils in to prevent cracking.

In ten years you will be glad you did.

The Fur Dresser