Submitted by Clayton on 10/15/1998. ( )

I am using Rittel's EZ-100 and have a question for yall. I f I maintain the PH can I re-use the tanning solution mix?

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Re using Ez100

This response submitted by Bob Coghlin on 10/15/1998. ( )

Clayton, That question is hard to answer.Are you mixing it to the weight of the hides or are you mixing it by volume.If you mix it by the weight of the hide,you make enough to tan only the hides you've weighed. If you do it by volume like I do , I wouldn't do more than 2 deer capes per 5 gal. of tan.If you're only going to tan 1 cape at a time,I would mix 3 gal. of tan in a 5 gal bucket and use it once.Better safe than sorry.Just got off the phone with Yoxy and he said foryou to call or Email him.Talk to you soon. Bob c.

Sure - But you must restrengthen it!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 10/15/1998. ( )

Reusing the tanning solution is OK - But let me emphasize that Tanneries dont take chances. They dump each batch. The problem is, you can control the PH but the Salt content is low, and difficult to measure. Too much salt, and your skins may "weep" on hot humid days when they are finished. However, if you are determined - keep in mind that on a weight basis, you will probably deplete almost all of the EZ-100 tan, and leave behind a little Salt, not much, but a little. Do your skins in batches. I highly recommend you dont mix a tanning solution and throw skins into it over the next 2-3 days. Tan them together. When they are removed, then you can strengthen the solution again for the next load. I would definitly use enough EZ-100 by skin weight for doing this - otherwise, you will have problems. Again, one of the problems you may have eventually, will be Salt. You want it, but not excessively. Another thing is - Although I think we use entirely too much bacteriacide in our business, this is a situation where you might want to add some after adjusting the Ph. It will keep down the bacteria count. Gee - I thought I'd never see myself writing use Bacteriacide, but in this situation the Ph is high enough over reusing to allow for growth. On a one-shot deal - dont use any. Me, I like one-shot deals. Happy Tanning!


This response submitted by Clayton on 10/16/1998. ( )

Mr.Coghlin and Mr.Rittle, Thank you for your help. I am tanning by volume and wanted to make sure before I messed up. P.S. Mr.Yox I will call you tomorrow.

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