Fleshing Beam

Submitted by Paul Coenen on 10/19/1998. ( p_coenen@mail.phillips.k12.wi.us )

Anybody got any plans and/or dimensions for building a fleshing beam? I would be very grateful for any help in getting some plans. E-mail me if possible and we can work out the details. Thanks, Paul

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Paul we're one step ahead of you buddy

This response submitted by Bill on 10/20/1998. ( yoxtax@aol.com )

Paul, check out "Wanted to Buy" and scroll down to used fleshing beam. Read all the way through and you'll have the skinny on that one.

The best beam yet devised

This response submitted by Vaughn Terpack on 12/1/1998.

( jterpack@greenwood.net )

I've been braintanning for years and the single best fleshing beam I've yet found is a 6' length of 6" pvc drainpipe. Being environmentally stable, it doesn't crack or warp like wood, and it can be had in minutes. It's important to make the beam near horizontal so your back isn't flexing and cramping. To do this, I support the bottom or distal end on a folding chair against the outside wall and the front or proximal end on a pair of crossed 2x4's. The top of the beam should hit you between the navel and the bottom of the sternum, further preventing the back problems. With a design like this, there is little flex in the back and the strain is put on the large muscles of the upper torso that can grow to accomodate the load. To see just how much difference there is, bow fifty times and you'll quickly learn just how much bending the back has to do on an average beam. I'm sure there is a better way to fasten the beam in place so it doesn't want to fall over, but I'm too poor to get fussy. The most important thing to remember when you are using the beam is to place a short length of 2x8 between your stomach and the hide. Being soft, your belly makes a lousy vice jay but if you put the board in there, you get a comfortable place to lean against and a hard jaw to pinch the hide in place with. I'll look forward to hearing your thoughts. Happy fleshing.

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