stinky, rotten smelling deercape-no slippage

Submitted by deer woman on 10/19/1998. ( )

Ok- i got a disgusting one- a customer gut shoots a buck and doesn't find it until about 24 hours after he shot it and its warm out. He wants to have it mounted......He checked it in and got his tag then bought this stinky thing over to me at 8:30 am to see if the cape is any good. I'll tell you one thing- the meat didn't even smell good enough for dogs, however the cape had no hair slippage when i pulled at it in various spots, including spots that were green underneath. The skin smells bad too. Now what i need to know is what are the chances of this cape tanning up ok? I already skinned the head out and threw the thing into the freezer( it had ticks all over it). i am planning on rough fleshing it,plus turn lips, ears, etc, then salting and sending it out for pro tanning. Will the tanners hate me?( sarcasm)Do you think it will slip in tanning, or will the bactericide in the soak up and/or the pickle, tighten the hair to make it turn out ok?Should i forgo the trouble of sending it out and just try tanning it in my auto tanner( by itself!) and see what happens?

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Trust your Auto Tanner

This response submitted by John C. on 10/19/1998. ( )

Deerwoman You nedd to thaw that critter in cold water with a bactericide. Use running water to thaw it quicker. Get it slit out and into your machine asap. I have had some like this, 2 gallons water 2, 16 0z cups of aluminum sulfate, a touch of Basacryl-nb, 1 oz of your favorite tanning oil, tumble for 1 hour, flesh the body on your flesher, back into the tank for another 1 1/2 now drain and flesh the face. Suprize your green hide should now be white and ready to mount. I did a rancid elk 14 days from harvest no refrige or ice, ended up tumbling it 8 hours, fleshed it every 2 hours camee out great. also have done a bucnh of (spoiled) hide had turned green bobcats and coyotes.They all have came out ok. Let us know. John C.

don't freeze the rotten ones

This response submitted by Bill on 10/20/1998. ( )

I would say not to freeze the poor quality cape next time, the cape has time to spoil more while its freezing AND thawing.You're further ahead to salt it heavy with just a quick turning of lips, ears,etc. Yeah, the ticks can get some salt, too. I've had some so-so capes go to process and come back sssoooo nice and let-out. I wouldn't let 'em rot on purpose, but I'd be lying if I said the thought never crossed my mind!

ewwww ,ticks!

This response submitted by deer woman on 10/20/1998. ( )

Oh man ,Bill, i can't handle those darn ticks crawling all over! I had to throw it in the freezer! Those things were deer ticks, you know the little ones that are best known for lyme disease? The deer had many on it- in fact the ticks are bad this year- i went for a walk where it is all mowed and everything and came back with 2 deer ticks on me! The nerve! Plus, ticks give me the creeps! i don't think i could have tried bug spraying the cape then plastic bagging it to kill them, since the hide was green AND green! I'm sorry but i will not have ticks crawling around my salt room! Good advice though- i see your point about it further rotting during thawing. John C- i think i will try auto tanner and the thawing in bactericide treated water. I have a spare cape if i need it and the guy already agreed to using the spare if need be.

creeps give me the ticks

This response submitted by Bill on 10/21/1998. ( )

I know what you're saying about the ticks, if you feel you need to freeze an iffy cape for ticks, I'd say to lay the cape out and open in the freezer and leave it just long enough to slow the buggers down, or at least when a cape freezes that way, it does it faster and thaws quicker, too.

Thaw the hide fast Deerwoman.

This response submitted by John C. on 10/21/1998. ( )

I got a nasty cape in last year, I replaced it and did not tell the client. I found the stinking thing last night, in the freezer it still stinks, I mixed up the solution one pound crystals to one gallon of water, plus lysol, and Basacryl-NB place the still frozen cape in the tanner to thaw for about a hour, then tumbled for 3 hours, fleshed & oiled it last night, NO STINK NO GREEN FUNK.
Mounted the deer today NO SLIPPAGE what so ever no SMELL either. I did mount it one size smaller, but that was because of the lack of brisket. I think if you use 2 or 3 gallons per pound of crystals in the tank you will do fine.
John C.

you guys and those auto tanners!

This response submitted by Bill on 10/21/1998. ( )

I'm not knocking the auto tanner but I just don't know about that one. I've seen them mentioned in the forum and I know you who use them seem to know what you're doing but, I just, you know. Why don't one of you send me a Nice 24" cape tanned in one of those sometime for me to just see.... OK,OK you can't blame me for trying!!!! Seriously, someone send me a hunk of leftover hide from one so I can see it, ok? Hell, I could afford the shipping...THIS week. I'd like to see and feel a piece to be sure. Any takers???

ok bill

This response submitted by deer woman on 10/22/1998. ( )

Bill, why don't you just send me a cape- you know some spare jobber, that is too small to ever be used anyway, and is not a customers- you know like a button buck or something, so you don't have to worry about it getting lost in my auto tanner or something. Pay me 25.00 and you will get back a really nice wet tan cape that you can poke at and prod at and examine under a microscope to your hearts content. Either that or we can trade a cape tanning for that black yote i so desperatly need! Hey last batch i blended ez-100 and alum sulfate with a bit of liquitan- worked out really nice! Oh i know each cape cost 4.00 to tan or something, but damn nice stuff. Hey John C- how do i thaw it fast? Does the water do it?

Thaw in your tanner, and Bill Yox I have some hide 4 u.

This response submitted by John C on 10/22/1998. ( )

I did mine by mixing the stuff and thawing for about a hour in the tanner then once it was soft I kick in the tumbler. Bill, I will send you and Bob C some scrape hide from several deer so you can compare. John C


This response submitted by Bill on 10/23/1998. ( )

Dang it, I thought I had deerwoman talked into sending a 24 incher! Seriously, I'd like to see and feel what you get from that process. Just a hunk of shoulder will be fine...unless you have a caribou scalp hanging around...ha ha

Bill Yox

This response submitted by John C on 10/23/1998. ( )

I do have some extra Caribou Shoulder, Auto Tanned. I guess what I am saying is we know your a good taxidermist, Are your good enuff to turn shoulder into Scalp?? :^) Now do you want it? I did tan it oil it, then tumcle in maple saw dust. John C.

now you've got me by the ****s

This response submitted by Bill on 10/23/1998. ( )

J-man, I don't know if I'm good enough to pull that off! If the hair is kinda frizzy and curly it might work, but I'll try...oh, you said maple sawdust? Well, see, right there, I can't use that, I'm...a...a...aaallergic to maple, yeah, thats the ticket. Too bad, because I really coulda used that otherwise...Seriously, I'd be glad to try the caribou piece, John. Man, I've pulled off some good ones in the past but this might do OK. Thanks much John, for your offer and for being a good sport, I'll accept the offer! ...and challenge. Bill Yox Taxidermy 5554 Redman Rd Brockport, NY 14420

Only the hair dresser will know for sure, Bill.

This response submitted by John C. on 10/24/1998. ( )

Bill Y. Can you give it a perm? just kidding I did look thru the freezer for a small cape to Auto tan for you but all I have is 24-28 inch capes sorry just cant force myself to give them up as these are my competition capes. God willing I will get a few more in Dec. during gun season. I do want to thank you for a article a few years back where you splint the form and foamed it, This year I did have 2 deer that had 34 inch necks and 8 1/2 inch eye to nose. Both deer were harvested from the same tree stand, 3 days apart. one a 5 1/2 year old 10 point and the other a 8 year old, 152 score Buckmasters score 6 point. I f i told you the scale ticket weight of the 10 point you would think it was a small elk. I will send the caribou today. John C.

since you mentioned ticks

This response submitted by dave on 10/27/1998. ( rkerr1998 )

Kill them buggers. Trapper buddies tell me to get a cardboard box and line it with a garbage bag. Put the hide or whatever in the box along wilth a cup of some noxious liquid like paint thinner, turpentine, mineral spirits, etc. Seal the box and let stand for about an hour. The fumes from the cup of nasty should kill even the hardiest bugs. Just dont crawl in and close the box after yourself. Tightlines, Dave

John, which tree was that...

This response submitted by Bill on 10/29/1998. ( )

I'd sure get a better feel for that auto tanner if I could just get more info about the type of capes you use. I should really just come out and see this tree for myself... Actually, I got your box-o-hide the next day and while I didnt soak it yet, the deer piece felt and looked real nice. Hardly scientific, but thats as far as I got. Thanks again and I'm glad you were able to find something salvageable from my article! There'll be more soon.

ticks tan to

This response submitted by don stewart woods water and wings taxidermy on 11/4/1998.

( )

I started with Steve when he first invented the auto tannerand the best way I have found to deel with ticks if you do not freeze the cape is to skin that sucker out quick and throw it in the tanner when it comes out mount it and then the ticks will brush out. And believe me we have some realy tick infested deer in S.C.

Ticks and Auto-tan tricks

This response submitted by JOHN MELLIS on 11/5/1998.

( JMellis@AOL.COM )

Here's a quick fix for ticks and being from S.C. I found that you don't need to freeze heads and thaw out later because bacteria sets in during the time of freezing and gets back to work during the thawing. So you have your handy-dandy bottle of Adams flea&tick killer around Spray that bad boy down while you're listening to the kill story for the 2nd time,get your customer out the door and all the ticks should be dead.Don't forget to use your gloves as this stuff is'nt all that great for humans.At this time I'm going to share with you autotanners my method that should save you time.Adccording to Steve in his instructions you mix this alum based tan and put (by the way,Bill&John did you notice I said Alum based.Some much much more experienced folks have shared info. with me that alum-based tans continue to break down the hides forever.More on that later.)youadd 1 oz of tanning oil the mix.While the hide is tumbling in the tank the oil collects on the skin. It also collects on the hair.This requires some extra tumbling to remove the residual oil from the hair and then the tumbler medium has to be removed from the skin.How about we eliminate this extra step.Don't put the oil in the machine.Tan the skin ,flesh it ,retan,final flesh,towel dry or short tumble then add your oil by brushing on just like liqua-tan,etc..Invert the skin leaving face turned in .Hang overnite in shop.Mount the next day.I also have some other food for thought about the use of the tanner.Are you rinsing the salt out of your hides before you mount them?The tanning solution does have salt in it and being from the South with high humidity this may cause a leaching problem for the mount while it's on someone's wall.Also I see where some of you are using ez100 or Liquitan for your oil.I have done this as wellbut do you realize you are actually tanning the hide twice. Overkill I beleive.You have to search a bit but you can come up with an oil that won't cost you as much.By the way did you know that if you mix your tanning formula and just put your skin in it for four hours it will look the same as if you put it through the machine?Just a little food for thought!

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