Question about tanning a large Snake

Submitted by marcel on 10/20/1998. ( )

I just got a 14 foot pet snake that the guy wants tanned and made into a seat for his motorcycle. Ive got the Ritles tan for snakes but I also heard that vineger is better for the acid bath. could someone out there give me the right amouts of all the chems for 5 gals. of Mix? and the best way to get a good tan on this monster!Ive got it skined out and frozen.Should I salt it? or tan it the way it is ? please help! thanks ahead ,,,,, Marcel

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Send it out!!!

This response submitted by Bob Coughlin on 10/20/1998. ( )

Marcel,I'd highly recommend having this skin commercialy tanned.Being its going to be used as a seat cover,its going to have to be stretchy and tough.A friend of mine just had a python skin tanned by wildlife fur dressing in Calif. and it came out great.Good luck with it! Bob C.

i sent 3 out to be tanned

This response submitted by deer woman on 10/22/1998. ( )

I sent 36 feet of python out to Wildlife FD. Have yet to see them- just got bill and almost fell over. Looking foward to them though.I have a 4th skin, that is mounted- a 13.8 footer- that was fun to mount! For the ones i sent out, i salted them just as i would a deer, folding the skin up several times over and letting drain, resalting and then hanging over pole to dry. Then i coded them, boxed and sent out.

Help Me!

This response submitted by Michael Johnson on 9/17/00. ( )

I just salted a snake skin. What can I use after that to soften it.
Preferably something commonly used in the house or something like that, something easy to get.

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