Tanning Facilities in WI or MN?

Submitted by Paul Coenen on 10/9/1998. ( p_coenen@mail.phillips.k12.wi.us )

I'm looking for a commercial tannery in the northern Wi or MN area. I'd like to be able to transport my hides myself. I'm new to the taxidermy business, working full time at my current job for a few years building the business, and would like to send out some of my hides. Also, how do you folks feel about the wet tanning system like EZ 100 or liqui-tan?

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This response submitted by Bob Coughlin on 10/9/1998. ( bobswildlife@webtv.net )

Paul, Let me jump on the question about "wet tans" I personally use EZ100, and all I can say is WOW! Its a great product.If you haven't tried it yet then by all means give it a try.Some commercial tanneries are using this product.It really works.When done right you wind up with a nice soft piece of LEATHER. It rehydrates fast,you get plenty of stretch.And the mount drys quickly unlike some of the cream tans .And you get virtualy no shrinkage .Its all I use for competetion . Give it a fair try and I think you'll be sold too. Bob C.

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