My client and his BISON.

Submitted by John C. on 10/24/1998. ( )

AAll righty then, My client (on how spends more money with me than a one time customer) paid me for the Bison Hide, his lawyer came with him. The both understand I trusted the tanner, and after them veiwing the crap from the tanner, Signed and released me from all responsablities of damaging the hide. I did give them a copy of the invoice from drop off to return. What a relief. and he says I will get more work from him (ok lets wait and see). I quoted the $1250.00 on a bison head, but guess I am to high, as a learner is doing them for $550.00 oh well, Dont do it if you cant get paid for the work. Thanks for your support. John C.

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Stick to your guns!!!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 10/24/1998. ( )

John C.: Thanks for the feedback on that sticky one! Glad to hear he has released you of any liability too. I have a question for you. On your customer invoice do you have the statement - "All tanning done at Owner's risk!"? If not, get it on there quick. It should be on every invoice. Its a "cover your butt" thing. Don't worry about losing that customer to a "Learner". If he's the picky type "He'll be back"! I personally think you did the right thing. Stick to your price. He'll soon find out the difference in the skill level. And on the other hand - maybe he is the type that can't appreciate your skill. Bruce

All ready have the coverall

This response submitted by John C. on 10/24/1998. ( )

I have had that statement on my invoices since the late 70's. A good lawyer wrote my disclaimer. Thanks for your help John C.


This response submitted by B$ll on 10/24/1998. ( )

Nice talking to you today, you know we were on over an hour? Glad to hear things worked your way with the problem, hope you hook up with a responsible tannery, the type that Keith and Furdresser described earlier.Despite the differences in opinion, I think all can learn from this 'bout that EZ-100 !

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