degreasing a porcupine with Bruce Rittel

Submitted by Beginner Bill on 10/13/1998. ( )

Bruce, I see guys referring to your degreaser for small animal cleaning. Would you be able to put a porcupine into this solution or just paint it on the skin side? What I'm wondering is will it make the quills soft? At least I could get the extras out of my hands! Would it damage the quills and/or successfully clean the oily skin? Rather than e-mail you, I thought others might wanna know, too. Thanks much, Bill.

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porcupine quils

This response submitted by Bob Coughlin on 10/13/1998. ( )

Billy, Just thugh Id throw in my 2 cents worth .I really dont think Bruce's degreaser will harm the quills.They're only souped up hair as far as I know.Why dont you take a couple of the quills and put them in some and see if it does anything to them.Talk at you soon buddy. Bob C.

They Float!

This response submitted by John Bellucci on 10/13/1998. ( )

Having done these living pin-cushions, I can relate that I've never experienced any "water-logging" of the quill hairs. Though they are hollow, they also float. As you guys might have guessed by now, I pickle and tan everything - porkies included. I've used Bruces' Super Solvent on them without a problem. I guess that's the product you're thinking of? Anyway, hope this helped some. John.

PS: Wow, was that a short answer or what!? :)

Super Solvent is Hell on Grease!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 10/14/1998. ( )

Hi Bill - This is too easy!! Super solvent was designed for pig skins! Its exremely doubtful that it would attack the quill material. In fact, I would highly recommend it for Porkies! An excellent choice. I always tell my customers - if you want it squeeky clean - use it!! Don't paint it on though - use it as a solution. I'll even forward you instructions if you need them. Do you? Let me know.

send 'em

This response submitted by Bill on 10/14/1998. ( )

Bruce, yes send them to me, if you want just send me a bottle of the super solvent, ups COD. Bill Yox Taxidermy 5554 Redman Rd Brockport NY 14420. Thanks Bruce !

Porkie quills

This response submitted by John C on 10/17/1998. ( )

Many years ago when the trout started getting smarter than me, I made up some floats with the quills. Whipped a eyelet on the small end and a rubber band to hold the line to the quill, They worked great then the trout farmer learn how to keep his fish from escaping. John C.

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