pickle and tanning solutions

Submitted by ron weaver on 11/6/1998.

( raw21@psu.edu )

how should i dispose of the pickle and tanning solutions, when finished with them? thanks

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Guys-if you can-read through the past postings for answers!

This response submitted by Bill on 11/6/1998.

( yoxtax@aol.com )

check out "any new ideas" by scrolling down this tanning heading. We all go round and round with it, but I'm not sure if we have a cure-all solution. I know you can neutralize the pickle first, but...

i did read that but!

This response submitted by ron weaver on 11/7/1998.

( raw21@psu.edu )

thanks for your response bill, i do try to read all posting not only to learn as much as possible but also so i don't get in trouble from you guys for asking repeated questions. unless i miss read it which is very likely, it talks about the salt issue, what i wanted to know is, can you dump the lutan-f or ez-100 down the drain after a certain time period or do you need neutralize it somehow first.

The salts the problem!!

This response submitted by Bob C. on 11/9/1998.

( bobswildlife@webtv.net )

Ron, The problem with getting rid of the pickle and tans is the salt. The tannins in the tan have mostly bonded to the skin , so they're not a problem .Acids can be nutralized in the pickle , but you still have the salt . I might catch some slack for this but I use it to kill weeds around the shop.I have a gravel drive way and I tell you I dont have any weeds growing in the gravel.Im sure its no worse than the weed killer he highway dept uses to kill weeds along the road!! Bob C.

Thanks again!

This response submitted by ron weaver on 11/9/1998.

( raw21@psu.edu )

i figured i was missing something. when they were talking about salt from the salting of the hides i wasn't thinking of the salt added to the solutions. this is just probably one of many dumb questions i'll ask in this forum, but thats how i'll learn. thanks again!

Salt Again

This response submitted by The Fur Dresser on 11/10/1998.

( )

The only way you can remove salt from a solution to my knowledge to date is through reverse-osmosis and distillation. Neither of which is cost effective for a small taxidermist or small tanner. The fact is that you should neutralize a tan or pickle if you plan on dumping it down the drain. This will bring it closer to the acceptable limits that your city can handle. The real fact is if you are tanning on a small basis it is probably not a factor, since your household water use will probably take care of the low ph, with flushing and washing dishes in a normal way. Actually, at this point with the permits most tanners hold the salt is not the problem. The fact is these skins hold a lot of other things that can actually present bigger problems if you are tested by your city. Have you ever thought about the bullet fragments that go into your solutions and are washed down the drain, the public powers that be would be a lot more concerned at this point about the lead, nickel and other impurities that result from the tanning than the salt...something to think about. The Fur Dresser

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