Tannery Horror Stories

Submitted by TGF on 10/28/1998. ( )

I would like to dedicate this week, halloween week, every year as " National Tannery Horror Stories" week. I'm sure there is a lifetime of tannery horror stories out there, old and new . This would be good for the soul and bring closure to these scars, and preserve these stories for posterity and turn them into folklore. God i love these tales from tannerys, it's better than good Hockey talk. TGF

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Richard, are you playing on that computer again?

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Slight accent!!

This response submitted by 3rds rule on 10/28/1998. ( )

TGF, do I detect a slight accent??

No Games Here

This response submitted by John Bellucci on 10/28/1998. ( )

C'mon, don't start degrading these forums into another one of those inane little "chat" rooms! This is a forum for serious minds, wishing to learn more so that they may improve and build their skill levels. Chaty-Cathys' to the chat rooms... Please!

Richard, share a tanning story with us-you first.

This response submitted by ? on 10/29/1998. ( ? )

So you've finally come to add to the forum.Now tell us one of your many tannery stories,but first,try not to offend our friends here who ARE reputable,and of course,no fooling around unless its alright with John.Of course this is what we do when we recognize one of our buddys.


This response submitted by Bob Coughlin on 10/29/1998. ( bobswildlife@webtv.net )

TGF, Welcome buddy, Its about time.Do you like or little CHITTY-CHAT room.Ill start the ball rolling , after all, I've got a reputation for that anyway!!I sent a lifesize 7' Idaho black bear to a tannery here on the east coast.I wont mention the name but I will tell you it is a reletivly new place.Somewhere around 6 years old.That way you know it wasn't Interstate or Wilderness ,both of which have excellent tans.Anyway ,the tannery called and told me he recieved the shipment and every thing looked good.I told him to call if anything was wrong. A short time later I recieved a call the tanning was ready and that everything turned out great. Well, when I got the shipment I found the black bear with absolutly NO hair from the elbows down on the front legs and from the knees down on the back legs.And can you believe this guy called and said every thing looked great!Also in that batch was a coyote for a rug. I soaked up the skin 2 days after recieving the skin.I mounted the head and when I tried to stretch the skin, guess what ? Yup, It wound up in two pieces.It split right down the middle.Acid rot on a 2day old tan.Well I started it,lets go guys!!! Bob C.

heres one

This response submitted by Bill on 10/29/1998. ( yoxtax@aol.com )

me and Bob C both had this happen at the same tannery a few years back. I got an elk back from (nazi edit) and when I started cleaning up around the muzzle, I started getting into a heavy layer of...red meat! I'm telling you it was red, and I'm the one who salted it! So while I'll admit that I may leave it heavy on the cape once in a while, I don't know if this was even my cape. Bob had the same experience.

Real life "tannery horror story"

This response submitted by H2S victim on 3/25/99. ( )

The world's largest "thru the blue" hide tannery operated my meathpacking giant, IBP, inc., in Dakota City, Nebraska, has been emits over thirteen TONS per year of toxic hydrogen sulfide (H2S) gas. H2S is a colorless gas, heavier than air, which has a characteristic "rotten egg" or "open sewer" smell. Heavy concentrations of H2S from the IBP tannery and seven massive uncovered anaerobic lagoons also operated by IBP have been the source of many health problems in the area near the plant.

For more information on this environmental horror story, visit the following webpage...

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