help with Bambi

Submitted by Dave on 10/27/1998. ( )

So I skinned out a young of the year buck last week to make a rug. While skinning noticed the hide was pretty thin, the hair is pretty fine, and an ever so slight presence of those light spots that fawns have. My question is will this skin tan ok or should I forget about it. I hate wasting it but dont want to waste my money either tanning it. Its in the freezer now but I want to flesh it along with a few capes i collected last week. Any ideas guys. Tightlines, Dave

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its all skin

This response submitted by Bill on 10/27/1998. ( )

hey Dave, they'll actually salt dry nice and quick, and, depending on the season, hold hair thru the tanning stage, whether you use comm., paint on, or home tans. The only problem I see is if its still casting its summer coat(spots?). My youngins' are on about the same schedule to each other and they still carry some summer red in amongst the hollow winter hair coming in. They do carry spots that first year, kind of a shadow of spots sometimes refered to as a dorsal pattern. I've seen deer carry these every winter coat of thier life. Keep tanning that collection of yours, man.

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