EZ-100 Report

Submitted by John Bellucci on 10/30/1998. ( ArtistExpr@aol.com )

Well gang, my first venture into the EZ-100 Tanning product turned out well. If you all have been following my "I'll be trying it on a blonde-phase gray squirrel" statement, well, it went down yesterday. Not without some trepidation, however. After about ten hours in the tanning solution, the skin had really stiffened-up, making me concerned for any possible loss of stretch. After an additional four hours, the skin was removed from the tan, and lo-and-behold, the stiffness was gone. Whew! How do spell relief? I rinsed the skin under running water for a couple of minutes, towel-dried the hair , then tumbled the skin in small-grit corn cob to fluff the fur. Beautiful specimen! The only thing that kind of makes it a "pain" to work with, is having to pre-dissolve the tanning powder in hot water prior to putting it in the water and salt solution. It's very sticky to mix up well. Result? I like the results, but I like the ease of using Lutan-F. End result? I'll probably stay with Lutan-F until there is a longer track record developed for the EZ-100 Tan. Maybe! Like I said, this was one small use on one small subject. I just like being able to mix the Lutan-F right into the salt solution, and I like how quickly I can get it to dissolve. I've been using it for a long time too, and for me - personally - I'm comfortable with it at this time. Some more experimentation is in order, for sure! Just thought I would share a good result to a project I've been mentioning for a while. Until next time... John B.

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A little tip !

This response submitted by Bob C. on 10/30/1998. ( bobswildlife@webtv.net )

John, As you can see I use Ez100 alot. Alittle trick I use in mixing the powder is put the powder in a plastic Quart jug add HOT tap water, put on cap and shake away. It works great! No sticky mess. Bob C.

Sounds Like A Plan!

This response submitted by John Bellucci on 10/30/1998. ( ArtistExpr@aol.com )

Thank you for the tip... sounds like a winner, and I will definitely give it a try on the next batch I mix up. Again, many thanks. John B.

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