Auto Tanner

Submitted by angelo on 11/12/1998.

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Hello, Does anyone have the phone number for ordering the auto tanner?. P.S. The forum is great, Thank you all who take time out their busy schedule to answer all of our questions. Thank You

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Phone Number

This response submitted by Ken Edwards on 11/12/1998.

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The Automatic Tanner is manufactured and sold by Steve Rotramel, Taxidermy Arts Supply in Illinois. The toll-free number is 1-800-542-9489.

It is also sold by Hionis Supplies in Pennsylvania. Their number is 1-800-772-7924.


This response submitted by Bill on 11/13/1998.

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How did you make out with Bob down in Middletown?

Thanks Bill

This response submitted by Angelo on 11/13/1998.


Bill, I spoke with Bob a while ago and I was going to set up some time to see him but I got so busy at work and home that I just never got a chance Bob I will call you "eventually" if it's ok? Also if anyone needs computer help I work with the @#!@#$!@# stupid Things every day , I would be more than happy to assist, if I don't Know the answer to a queston I'm sure some of my propeller head co-workers would know. Thanks Bill, Bob I hope to talk to you soon. thanks.

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