Submitted by Fred Davis on 11/19/1998.

( fdavis@chickasaw.com )

Help! Can ostrich skin from neck and legs be tanned using same method as on deer?

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For Leather??????????

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 11/20/1998.

( rittel@ici.net )

Hi Fred - I guess I have to assume that you want leather, or do you mean to be tanned for Taxidermy purposes? For leather, they are great Boot material, but require shaving and "Glazing". Actually, glazing is really a technique using a glass ball on a press to actually crush the leather flat, without ruining the grain or finish side. This leather is really tough, and wears well. If however, you are interested in only tanning these areas for taxidermy, then yes, I would tan them almost like I would a Deerhide, using Lutan F or EZ-100.

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