1 hour tan

Submitted by Fred on 11/21/1998.

( fdavis@chickasaw.com )

What is James Edgar's 1 hour tan,and does it really work for a lasting, good looking mount?

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Tell me more??????

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 11/21/1998.

( rittel@ici.net )

Fred: I try to keep up with many of the newer stuff on the market, but I havent heard of this one. Can you elaborate a bit more? Is it a powder thats rubbed in like dry preservatives? Or a liquid, and painted on? I guess we all are searching for the magic "fix", so I find these new ideas interesting. "Happy Tanning".

Just heard

This response submitted by Fred on 11/22/1998.

( fdavis@chickasaw.com )

Bruce, someone was asking me if I have heard about this new tanning method which takes one hour by the name of James Edgar ( I think that is the name) So I told him someone on the forum might know of it. Thanks for the input,and if you do come across this would you let me know?

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