Measuring Ph levels?

Submitted by Bill Marks on 11/5/1998.

( AbitaH2O@aol,com )

What is the best method for measuring Ph levels? Will a commercial Ph meter for fish tanks work in the pickle? If not, what works best? Thanks!

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This response submitted by Keith Daniels on 11/5/1998.

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Bill, my guess is a fish tank meter won't have the needed P H range for you, a wide range meter will usually from about 0 to 12 or 14, which is what you need, even if it does it might not stand up to harshness of the salt and acid in tanning and pickling solutions. I would check with the supply houses that sell meters, and find out who the makers are so you can talk to them directly, and see if the meter will hold up for you or not. Another source is obviously here on the internet. If you are going to do any amount of tanning at all, don't waste your money on papers or a cheap disposable meter, they can tend to bring great heartache in the form of ruined skins. Keith

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