good tannery

Submitted by Bobbi Meyer on 11/26/1998.

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I would like to start doing the taxidermy work I dearly loved several years ago, but with limited facilities I would rather send the deer capes to a commercial tannery to have them tanned so I could concentrate on doing the detail work myself. I have used Liqua-tan with good results but it's still very time consuming. If someone could recommend a good tannery I would really appreciate it. Also what would be better, to go with a wet tan or dry tan? Thanks

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GREAT Tanning

This response submitted by Brian on 11/26/1998.

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Bobbi,I myself have also used the liqua-tan process but have discovered that the mounts just don't look like new after a few years.For the past three years I have been sending my deer capes and every other hide to a great commercial tannery in California. The name of the company is New Method Fur Dressers. The price to get a whitetail deer cape tanned is about $26.00 plus the shipping which is Probably about $10.00 all together there and back. It may seen like a lot but it saves you money in time and you get the best results on mounts that I have ever seen. You get very little and sometimes no shinkage and the mounts will last forever under the proper conditions. It is a very easy process to prep the hides also, all you have to do is split the lips, turn the ears, and remove any large chunks of meat and of course you must salt the cape. Salt it for 24 hours, shake it off and resalt for another 24 hours, shake that off and let it dry stiff for nine days and it's ready to send out. I don't have the address or phone number on me off hand but I will E-mail to you in the next couple days. I hope this has helped you out. Brian Oh yeah I almost forgot you must have a state taxidermist license before they will send you any information.

Brian and Bobbi!!

This response submitted by Paul Coenen on 11/30/1998.

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Hey Brian, could you be so kind as to send that info my way also. I'm pretty interested in finding a tannery as well. e-mail--> Bobbi: Kieth Daniels has been very helpful answering me a lot of questions on this same topic. He also runs a tannery and is going to be the first place I send my next shipment to. He can be reached at-->

NEW METHOD address & phone

This response submitted by Rich on 11/30/1998.

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New Method Fur Dressing Co.
131 Beacon
South San Francisco CA 94080
(415) 583-9881

NEW METHOD area code correction

This response submitted by Rich on 12/1/1998.

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The area code for So. SF is now 650 (not 415). Hard to keep track of this stuff anymore!

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