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Submitted by ER on 12/5/1998. ( )

I purchased a tumbler from Van Dykes, and the instructions said pickle and tan your hides in one tenth the time of static tanning. But no where did the instructions say for how long. I've searced high and low and no one can tell me how long to tumble in pickle and tanning solutions. Can you help? Thanks

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Need More Info

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 12/11/1998. ( )

Hi ER: I've been sick, so I havent been able to participate in the Forum much lately. I'm on the mend - so here I am. I need more specifics though, about the type of Pickle, and the type of Tan you intend to use in your Wet Drum. If you could supply that info, I can probably offer some advice on timing for you. A Wet Drum certainly cuts down the tanning time, and accelerates it. Also you have to alter your formulas too! Wet Drumming usually involves a "short Float" - or another way of saying, less Water. I'll watch for your info.

More Info

This response submitted by ER on 12/11/1998. ( )

Bruce, I have been using Lutan-F and sulfuric acid. I Plan on switching to the EZ-100 and Saftee acid.


This response submitted by Ernie on 12/12/1998. ( )

Bruce I use the automatic tanner with the crystals sent with the tanner. It's real simple with their method to flesh lightly turn ears, lips, and eyes then tan. Can the EZ-100 be used with this method? If so would you please give all us wannabe good taxidermist your method one time step by step. Have already bought one of the kits but it takes a lot more steps than I care to take.

Now we can talk!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 12/14/1998. ( )

In a Tannery they usually use a paddle vat to pickle in, and the wet drum to tan. Its better, because sometimes the pickled skins require extra shaving or degreasing, and it doesnt tie up the wet drum(s) with work waiting to be finished before tanning. They also "time" their wet drums. Mostly, they use a timer and run the drum either 20 minutes each hour, or 10 minutes each 1/2 hour. For general purposes, a paddle vat cuts the pickling time by 1/3rd, and the wet drum usually cuts the time tanning by 2/3rds. Both are an advantage over "static" garbage can tanning. Much faster! In your case, using Sulphuric or Saftee-Acid, IF you use the drum, I'd run them for a full day in the pickle. In a paddle vat, I'd run them 2 days. Then drain, shave, degrease, wash, rinse, and return them for another 1-2 hour run before pulling, neutralizing and tanning. For Tanning, and again, whether using Lutan F or EZ-100, I'd run them in the Wet Drum for 4 hours, then pull drain, oil, and sweat, before drying. As I mentioned above, running only involves using a timer. You don't continously run a wet drum for 4 hours!! One note about Sulphuric acid. It does not plump well!! Wait until you try SA-200. You'll love it for shaving! I hope this helps you. If you need more - just shout! Happy Tanning Bruce

Thanks Bruce

This response submitted by ER on 12/14/1998. ( )

Thanks Bruce. I hope you're feeling better.

Building a Wet Drum

This response submitted by Andy on 12/23/1998. ( )

I am building a Wet Drum and need some information.
How much water should you use when using EZ-100 in the short
float? What is the correct RPM for the barrel (55 Gal.)?
Bruce-when you say run for four hours, do you mean run a total
of 4 hours turning 20 minutes of each? Or turning a total of
4 hours? I hope that question makes sense.
Any information you could give me will help.

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