Hide Relaxing

Submitted by Tom on 11/29/1998.

( kimberly@compucenter )

In which step should you relax a hide. This is how I do it. Salt for 2 to 3 day wash salt in cold water with a cap of lysol, Pickle for 3 days with safetee acid, shave hide repickle,1 day dry apply syn-oil. the problem seems that the hide is smaller after I do the above and need to stretch the hide in order to fit the manikin.I have purchased a hide relaxer called Ultra soft relaxer. Is this a good choice and will it work. Thank's for any Help.

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Ultra Soft Will Do The Job BIG Time!

This response submitted by John Bellucci on 11/30/1998.

( ArtistExpr@aol.com )


Ideally you should relax a hide before it goes into the pickle solution. This way the skin is soft and supple, allowing the pickle to reach all areas of the hide equally without having to work through any hard spots. (Pickle solutions are not recommended for relaxing baths)

Just follow the instructions that come with the product for your particular need. Bruce has all possibilities outlined.

After relaxing, just rinse the hide off, and plunk it into your pickle. You're on the right track, just keep chuggin' along. Good luck to you... John B.

Should Relax Easy

This response submitted by Keith Daniels on 11/30/1998.

( arlcape@bright.net )

Tom, I am playing with Ultra Soft here in the tannery right now, and it has done an admirable job on some bears and deer capes that have been salt dried since last winter. ( I'll write more about it at a later date) But, and I think Bruce will probably agree, you shouldn't need a relaxing agent with the process you are using. A skin that hasn't been salt or flint dried will relax very easily with just plain water and bacteriacide, adding a detergent made for tanning (sorry guys, not Dawn dish soap) will help in cleaning on greasier skins. Try just leaving your skins in the water/bacteriacide a little longer, until they get to where they almost seem raw again, then go into your pickle. If you still can't get the stretch you need there's two possibilities, you're trying to use too big a form, or you need to do a little better job of thinning your capes. Keith

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