Salt water/vinager mix ?????

Submitted by J.J. Colligan on 12/2/1998.

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I asked a friend of mine about tanning my own deer hides, and how to di it. He told me that after skinning the hide, and cleaning it of all fat and meat tissue, that I need to soak the hide in a salt water and vinager solution four up to 3 - 5 days. After that has been complete, I then salt the hide with borax or Iodized salt for 5 - 10 days. Re-stretching the hide every other day.. the last phase is to apply the tanning agent/oil... I have never done this before... But even with having no clue as to what I'm doing, this doesn't sound just right ........ comments/ help.... instruction ????????? Thanks

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Boy, glad you asked before doing!

This response submitted by Bob C on 12/2/1998.

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JJ,The steps you discribed just dont sound right . The vinegar pickle works fine, but not in the steps you were told.First flesh the cape well, salt and drain, salt one more time.I lke to dry my skins completly .Rehydrate the skins in a mild salt solution.Leave in only long enough to soften the skin.While the skin is rehydrating mix the pickle.The formula is: 1 gal. of water , 1 gal. of vinegar, 1lb of salt. Soak the skin in this solution until the skin is white right through .You can check this by making a small cut in the skin on the back edge .If the skin has any bluish color its not totaly pickled.It should take 2 or 3 days.When the skin is pickled completly it must be nutralized.Remove the skin from the pickle and drain for a couple of min. In a 5gal bucket mix about 3 gal water to a small handfull of baking soda.Dont leave in to long usually 10 min. will do.Remove from the solution and rinse.Drain the skin.You dont want it soaking wet and you dont want it to dry.Brush on the tanning oil of your choice.Roll up the skin ,skin to skin and let set for about 5 or 6 hrs.You can then tumble and mount, freeze or dry the skin for future use. Hope this helped you out. Bob C

Have to add something

This response submitted by Bob C on 12/2/1998.

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JJ, if you're doing deer flat hides use the same procedure .Just after oiling you must dry the skin.As the skin is drying you must "break" the skin. Yo do this by pulling , stretching as the skin is drying. Bob

1 Gallon Vinegar???

This response submitted by Keith Daniels on 12/3/1998.

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Bob, I don't use vinegar, but are you sure you gave that guy the right numbers? 1 gallon vinegar for each gallon of water sounds pretty stiff to me, is that correct? Keith

Yup I'm sure

This response submitted by Bob C on 12/3/1998. ( )

Hey Keith, Yea, I'm positive on the formula.Its the same one Roger Martin uses.Vinegar is such a mild form of acetic acid that you need this volume.Using this formula you should get a PH of about 2.5 Bob C

No Kidding

This response submitted by Keith Daniels on 12/6/1998. ( )

Guess you learn something new every day, I would have thought it was much stronger than that. Keith


This response submitted by ANGELA on 12/14/1998. ( TROUBLEGG2 )

Yall heve been a big help, I am tanning my own skin for the first time and i am learning alot from this site. i am drying the skin now and getting ready to pickle , what is the oils i am supposed to use. Is there any house hold oils you can use or do i need to buy a certain kind. Also where could i get the oils,if needing to purchase them. I am having lots of fun and learning alot. thanks alot, Angela

Mild Salt Solution

This response submitted by Donna Zawada on 1/20/1999. ( )


I am very new to taxidermy and I don't know about tanning yet but I'm determined to do all of it instead of using a tannery. Can you please tell me exactly what your mild salt solution consist of?

Thanks, Donna

salt water

This response submitted by diane on 1/6/02. ( )

Need the formula of how much salt to water to make a salt water solution for a science project Please respond to

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