How long in the pickl,e

Submitted by Larry on 12/11/1998. ( )

How long is it safe to leave a cape in the pickle bath? I've had it in for 2 days and because of some unexpected circumstances, I'm going to be able to shave it for at least another week (10 days+). Can I remove from bath and freeze, or can I neutralize, freeze and repickle when I can get back to it? I'm using Oxalic acid, if I leave in for extended period, will pH creep up on me? This may sound like a dumb questions, but I've never been in this situation before. Any information would be appreciated.

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Dont worry

This response submitted by Bob c. on 12/11/1998. ( )

Larry, I wouldn't worry to much about leaving a cape in a pickle for an extended period of time. Just check your PH once in while.Though I wouldn't reccommend it, I've left skins in a pickle for a month or more with good results.As a matter of fact I've got a baboon in the pickle right now since sometime in Aug. I check it once in a while and its still doing good. Bob C

Thanks for the info

This response submitted by Larry on 12/12/1998. ( )

Thanks for the response, Bob! Your information makes me feel a lot better. I intend to maintain the pH around 2, is that o.k.? Thanks again!

Sounds Good!

This response submitted by Bob C on 12/12/1998. ( )

Larry, If you keep it at a 2 I'm sure it'll be fine.

Dont try this at home

This response submitted by Dave on 12/14/1998. ( )

Once i had a couple of deer capes in the pickle for around a year. They came out fine even though i never checked em after the first month or so. I got busier than hell on the day job and was doing customer work so I kinda forgot all about them, at least they were my own personal capes. Anyone had em in longer?? Best Regards, Dave

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