which is the best way of oiling a skin

Submitted by Pedro Gonzalez on 12/3/1998.

( govp66@hotmail.com )

Hi, you all. I think it all depends on the conditions of the skin,i know the goal is to lubricate the fibers of the skin for good stretch, and to get less shrinkage when drying.I belive it depends on the type of oil i am using but lets asume i have a good sulfonated oil that is not very thick,asume i have my skin just out of the tanning solution (aluminium sulphete ph 4.5)is is allready drained with the hair more less dry, the skin very wet. my questions are should i add water to the oil, should i warm the oil and also the skin (how?),can i put the oil in the tanning solution(at the end) and by moving the skin(wet tumble),or apply the oil with a brush. To get better stretch can i reoil the skin very ligthly before mounting (oil diluted in water), also is it better to leave the skin to dry completly after oiling or when is almost dry is a good moment to tumbe it in saw dust, how wet should the skin should be to be before oiling. Please if you can give me any give tips as an example on a difficult animal (african animal not in the very best conditions impala,eland)or in general what works for one usually works for all. If you think a mixture of some of the above.(asume i have good oil) Thank you, again.

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All Oils Different

This response submitted by Keith Daniels on 12/3/1998.

( arlcape@bright.net )

Pedro, contact your oil maker, they all have their own methods as far as cutting, swabbing, fatliquoring etc. I wouldn't reoil before mounting, I think it would just make it harder for the hide paste to hold. Whether to dry then rehydrate, or to mount after oiling overnight, then tumbling, is a personal preference. If you don't have freezer space, and do big batches, you'll probably want to dry them for storage purposes. On African all I can say is good luck, some turn out good, others are a real battle. Keith

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