PS-650 Bactericide

Submitted by Tom on 12/13/1998. ( kimberly@compucenter )

At the present I'm using saftee acid for my pickling (Great Stuff) can you use, are how do you use PS-650 Bactericide can it be used into the pickle directly and if so will it do anything to the Ph? I just had a deer hide loss a lot of hair I think do to bacteria (bad stuff)looking for any insight on PS-Bactericide.

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Using PS-650

This response submitted by Bruce rittel on 12/14/1998. ( )

Tom - There's one endearing quality about SA-200. It pickles at a 1.0 . Anytime a skin is exposed to a pickling ph of 2.0 or less (1.0-2.0) - you can consider it essentially "sterile" or devoid of all bacteria. Bacteria will not live below a 2.0 (0.0-2.0) ph level. If the hide slipped - in all probability, it had to have had been handled badly in the field, BEFORE you recieved it - or maybe it was relaxed too long. Sometimes over-relaxing can cause the epidermis to become pulpy, and slippage occurs. The only time I suggest using a bacteriacide is when I recommend relaxing a salt dried hide, otherwise I feel bacteriacides are ineffective, particularly when using SA-200. Once "sterilized" why bother? PS-650 is an excellent bacteriacide/fungicide, but I am not a big promoter of over- using it as a "cure-all"!

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