Brain Tanning

Submitted by John C. on 12/17/1998. ( )

I have rubbed brains all over my arms, and they have not darkened, I just smell bad now.

Brain tanning dont work, thought maybe it would be a safer method than the sun. :^} John C.

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hey John, you're using it wrong

This response submitted by Bill on 12/17/1998. ( )

Youre mixed up, I got it. As you know, and JB pointed out, I'm going bald. So with less to cover, isnt that what brain tan is? I mean, if I had brains? My mother used to say if I had one I'd of taken it out and played with it (the brain, I mean) Now you see why Bob C cant get me, I beat him to it!!!

Does it make a difference?

This response submitted by Bruce on 12/19/1998. ( )

If I rubbed pig brains on me, does that mean I'd grunt and eat from a trough? Its kind of scary, because I'm also getting a bald spot in the back - since pigs dont have much hair - I might lose more! Maybe its better using Deer or cow brains. They have a lot of hair, but then you have to settle for short hair if its cow. Anyway - since they say "God gave every animal enough brains to tan their own hide" - and supposedly any brain will do, what are your thoughts about bird brains? Would feathers cover a bald spot?

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