Pickling with muriatic acid

Submitted by Dee Price on 12/18/1998. ( outbacktax@worldnet.att.net )

I would like to know the difference between muriatic acid, formic acid, and citric acid.

Has anyone used muriatic acid as a pickling agent? If so, how effective was it.

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Muriatic too HARSH!

This response submitted by Bruce rittel on 12/19/1998. ( rittel@ici.net )

Muriatic is great for bleaching stains from a brick wall. Its entirely too harsh however, for pickling skins. I know, some guys will use ANYTHING - but unless you are doing Alligator or Shark skin where you want to break down the cartlidge material in the skin - I wouldnt use it! Formic and Citric however, are good for pickling. They plump the skin well for shaving. Formic WAS my personal choice for years, until Saftee Acid came out. Now I use it exclusively. It does the same thing as citric or formic, but its safe, plumps well and is very economical. 1 Quart will make 64 Gallons of Pickle! A lot of mileage - and it works great too! Merry Christmas! Bruce

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