looking for tanners in western ny. area

Submitted by Wes Murphy on 12/18/1998. ( w_murphy@hotmail.com )

My brother does taxidermy in the western n.y. area and was looking for someone in the area to do tanning for him.

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Why pick a local tannery?

This response submitted by Bob c on 12/19/1998. ( bobswildlife@webtv.net )

It seems as though everyone want to use a tannery that is geographicly close to them.I dont understand this.If you live close to a GOOD tannery great.If not dont be afraid to send the skins out to a good tannery even if they are a distance away.Fortunatly here in NY we have a couple of good tanneries in the eastern part of the state. Wilderness Fur Dressing and Interstate.Both do very good work.Tanning is a very important part of taxidermy,and to work with a bad tan is frustrating at best.Pick a good one and stick with them. Bob c

a little more info

This response submitted by morris mathews on 12/19/1998. ( )

Wess i agree with bob on this I like useing Interstate Tanneries 31 Burke rd Plattsburgh ny 12901 ( 518 563 3555 ) and Bob if you are still out there you have a address for Wilderness fur dressing i like to keep my tanneries, here in ny as well,thanks morris


This response submitted by z on 1/4/1999. ( )


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