Solution life/lutan f

Submitted by Brad Gross on 12/19/1998. ( )

Just wanted a few opinions on the solution life of lutan f. I currently mix my batches at 25 gallons and immerse three capes at a time. How many capes do you feel I should be able to tan from this solution and at what intervals and amounts should I read lutan f and salt? Thanks, your input is appreciated.

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You want to know the caspacity?

This response submitted by Bruce on 12/19/1998. ( )

If you should use 1.0 Oz. of Ltan F per each 1 Lb. of skin weight - then a 25 Gl. solution should contain 50 Ozs. of Lutan F, and it should safely tan 50 Lbs. of skin weight. Do an average on the weight of your capes. Do they weigh 6-7-8-9-10 Lbs. on an average? If they weigh 8 Lbs. then your 25 gl. solution should safely tan 6.25 capes. Actually - you should TAN 6.25 capes - because each time you drag one out to shave or drain, you also drag out Lutan F and Salt. Its too much work to constantly monitor and adjust like that. On a practical level - simply mix up your 25 Gls. set the ph level to a 4.0 and throw in 6 - 8 Lb. capes. That way once you have set the ph level to a 4.0 you should be relatively set. If you use it for tanning only 3 capes - then I must assume your capes individually weigh 16.67 Lbs. each. I highly doubt it. Instead, it appears you may be wasting your Lutan F. Is this what you are asking about? Or have I misinterpeted your question?


This response submitted by Brad on 12/20/1998. ( brad )

THANKS Bruce, I understood the directions for mixing the lutan f, but was not sure if I could add lutan f and salt to the solution. Sounds like it is much eaiser to remix a new batch than try to guess how much of each to add. I really appreciate you taking time to answer . I would also like more info on your supplies,you can e mail me or fax me at 402-489-8204.

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