Rehydrating deer cape

Submitted by Bones on 12/22/1998. ( )

I am using the ez100 tan and would like to know what mix of salt and water I should use when I rehydrate my cape after oiling.

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Use the Universal Method!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 12/22/1998. ( )

At least I call it the Universal Method for rehydrating - because it works on ALL tanned and dried capes and skins. Mix up enough water to completely submerge the skin or cape. Add a handful (4 Ozs.) of Salt per 1 gallon. Soak the skin for 30 minutes, remove wet and place in a plastic bag. Tie it off, refrig overnight - and the next day its usually nice and relaxed, and ready to mount. I've found this method safely works on all kinds of tans. Have a Merry Christmas.


This response submitted by MAN of INTEGRITY on 1/6/1999. ( )

Chuck, our studio uses RITTLES ULTRA SOFT. Its great, just follow his instuctions. We place 3 or 4 deer capes '' dried and salted '' into about 15 gallons cool water with about 7 to 9 tablespoons ULTRA SOFT leave overnight or 8 to 10 hours. If skins were in good shape prior to rehydrating, ULTRA SOFT will not cause slippage. Rinse well after rehydrating prior to pickle. We have left rock hard African skins as well as boar in ULTRA as long as 24 to 30 HOURS with absolutly no slippage. This stuff RULES.

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