breaking a hide

Submitted by Bill W on 12/27/1998. ( )

I have tanned four bear hides using Ez-100 these hides came out soft and supple. i used the ez-100 to tan a deer hide, which did not come out as soft. Can someone give me some pointers on breaking the hide? Does the hide need to be somewhat "damp" (almost dry) When I begin to break it, or can it be broke when it is thoroughly dry? Is it possible that I didn't oil the hide heavily enough? Can I wet the hide and re-oil? Please help!!!

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Some Questions - Some Suggestions!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 12/28/1998. ( )

Its difficult to answer your question without asking a few myself. The Deerskin. Is it thicker than the the flesh on the Bear? Do you shave your skins? Do you use a Sawdust Drum? If so, what size?

As to one of your questions - Yes, you can rewet the Deerskin, and then let it dry, and when 90% dry, begin to again work it soft. You can also re-Oil it when you wet it back. But when rewetting - add a handful (4 Ozs.) of Salt to each gallon of Water, or use our US-609 in the solution to accelerate softening.Normally you should not have to reoil - but it will not harm the skin, if it makes you feel better. The important part is - catch that skin and work it soft BEFORE it dries completely. Actually you want to trap some moisture in it to aid lubrication. This is assuming you do not have a Drum.


This response submitted by Bill on 1/1/1999. ( bw9470@dnet,net )

Bruce, The Bear hide was thicker than the deer hide. I don't use a drum, all my equipment is somewhat archaic (draw knives, axes etc.) The bear turned out really nice, but the deer has a few hard spots. I think it thoroughly dried in spots before I completed breaking it.

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