Ferrel Hog fleshing concerns

Submitted by John on 12/31/1998. ( wokini@tisd.net )

When fleshing a "ferrel" hog cape, what is the chances of the hair falling out due to cutting off the folicles? Yesterday, after trimming all of the fat away from a ferrel hog hide, I decided not to flesh it with my Quebec flesher. There are "twin" folicles that protrude out of the hide, on the inside, and if I cut them, I'm afraid I may end up with a "bald" hog. Please help, any and all advice will be appreciated. If anyone has done hogs, please advise me about the "fat" removal techniques. One other thing, how much thinning should I do in the shoulder area? Thanks Very, Very, Much! John

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I know what you mean

This response submitted by Bob C on 12/31/1998. ( bobswildlife@webtv.net )

John, I believe the area your talking about on the skin is down the center of the back.The hair roots really stick out in this area. The good thing is that the fat in this area is real "buttery" And comes of real easy.On this area I put the hide on a beam mouth first.I then "push" the fat of with my draw knife.I hold the blade more perpendicular to the hide and intead of cutting you push.You will cut a few of the roots but not enough to worry about. And you must get the shoulder area thin!!!! Check some of the other listings in this catagory and in the beginers catagory on boars,these will give you quite a bit of info. Bob C

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