Homemade tanning formula? and neatsfoot oil ok?

Submitted by Buz Brandes on 12/31/1998. ( b_brandes@yahoo )

I am working on tanning 2 deer hides from this season. I've tanned hides before using some formulas from an old book I had - "More Than a Trophy" by Dennis Walrod. Pickling consisted of 1.5oz. of sulfuric acid with 3 lbs. uniodized salt. The tanning solution consists of 1lb. of Alum (aluminum ammonium cloride?) with 2 lbs of uniodized salt in 5-6 gal. of water. This book also suggests the use of neatsfoot oil in the final steps of tanning the hides. What do you guys think of the above. I've almost completed one hide and am about to start on another. Is my "concoction" OK or should I purchase a commercial agent like EZ-100 (sounds like a popular one ??) Thanks for any help-- Buz

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Only my opinion!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 12/31/1998. ( rittel@ici.net )

I've never used that particular Alum formula in the past, but even assuming it does do a good job, I think you may be wise to invest in a good tanning oil for the softening. Using plain ole Neatsfoot Oil is good for surface lubrication, but untreated oils generally do not penetrate well. We offer an Oil we call "Lite-Oil" thats excellent on Alum tanned skins, but shop around, other Suppliers also offer oils good for Alum tanned skins. These types of oils penetrate and provide long lasting lubrication. Happy Tanning!

Where do I buy these oils?

This response submitted by TSL Please send response only on 12/9/99. ( labr@starpower.Net )

I'm planning to tan my hides from this season. I have found several formulas that include Borax, Alum, and salt. Where do I purchase these products. What is neatsfoot oil and the other oils you wrote about? I live in Frederick County Maryland. Do you know of any suppliers in the area? I prefer not to order on line but mail order is OK.

SENTRY - BASF - taxidermy customer service reply

This response submitted by SENTRY/Custom Services on 2/17/00. ( sentry@ptd.net )

Feb. 17, 2000
If you are still looking for your tanning chemicals, give us a call. 570-421-2574 / FAX= 570-421-2511 We can give you a list of taxidermy suppliers.

In the meantime, SENTRY is the exclusive distributor for BASF Leather Chemicals to the Leather Industry in the U.S.A.

Here's Where!

This response submitted by jerry on 11/20/01. ( )

Borax: Food stores (20 mule team Borax)
Aluminum sulphate: Farm stores,plant,flower and shrub catalogs
salt:Food stores(table salt),Farm stores (live stock mixing salt)

Get a catalog

This response submitted by Bill on 11/23/01. ( )

Order a catalog from Van Dykes. 800-843-3320. They have all the tanning supplies you will need to get started. They offer a wide choice of types of tans and safe pickling products. I like to use Luftan F (Aluminum Cloride) and Protal is the oil I prefer.

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