Paint on Tan comparison

Submitted by Backbone on 1/28/1999. ( )

I would like to know if anyone if familiar with Rhineharts paint on tan. I have used three different paint on products and have used EZ100 imerse tan. I have had some good results with all of these products. I have recieved good background on all except for this Rhinehart product. It seems not too many are using this. Is there a reason I do not know about? What I am trying to do is make a permanent decision on a methond to stick with. Right now I like the imerse tan the best, but since I am a large volume part timer it is hard to control the process at times.

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Reinhart cream

This response submitted by Dave B. on 1/28/1999. ( )

Hi Backbone!

I use to use Reinhart's tanning cream, and it worked well. I used it
for about 2 years. I use an auto-tanner now because I can tan a
skin faster. I do use liqui-tan after the tank has done its job.
It seems to soak in better especially when it is warmed up. So if I had
to chose I would use the liqui-tan, but I have never used a
imerse tan. I hope you spelled imerse right I copied the spelling off


This response submitted by Bill on 1/28/1999. ( )

was that a loaded question or what? Lets just say that you answered your own question, and enjoy the immersion tan from Bruce...I spell it different from you and Dave B, too! I think between the three of us we have it covered!

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