fox ears slippin

Submitted by Bob on 1/29/1999. ( )

I always seem to have a problem with the for slipping from the area of fox ears. I'm tanning with Luftan F. Slipping seems to start while still in the pickle. Even with basacryl added. Anyone have some help?

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This response submitted by Perry on 1/29/1999. ( )

This is bad, I'm starting to sound like yox. But if you check
a few topics down or in lifesize mammals, Bruce Rittle address
the need for salt drying and furs. I had trouble with home
tanning furs, and gave up. I use a commercial tannery. Not that
I will start mass home tanning, but I gave up long before I learnd
about Mr. Rittels tip. I would hope that he might jump in here
as he is probably the best source to answer your problem.

Dry those fox!!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 1/29/1999. ( )

Are you turning the ears after skinning? If you are, rub in salt after they're turned, then rub salt into the rest of the flesh, and dry it. One thing I would advise - use Bascal S in your pickle. Its a fur setting agent. It should make you feel better, but really, salt and dry your fox, and then rehydrate them before pickling. I think you will see a BIG difference in your losses!


This response submitted by deer woman on 2/5/1999. ( )

Are the foxes bad to begin with? What is it with the red fox specifically that causes such easy slippage? I've dry salted, pickled in low ph with bascal, etc, and i still get problems, mainly on the inner ear. Yet if i send the skins to a good tanner( one in texas that i find good with fur and wild hogs), never a problem!

I just entered one of those stinkin red fox into the Harrisburg mini competition, and the stinkin thing has some slip probs in the dang inner ear and a spot on the back of one ear- what a headache! Yes i shop tanned it! Formic/bascal and ez-100.

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