Trouble with drumming

Submitted by DAK on 1/29/1999. ( )

am tanning with the auto tanner--aluminum sulfate and oiling in the machine. tumbling in sawdust for a short time.
I love the tan from the machine but am getting drumming in the ears and on the form.. I am using bondo in the ears and have never had trouble with drumming no matter what I have used for preservation. Commercial tan, dry preserve, liqua ta ect ect ect. I feel the oil is working as a release agent and preventing the bond. I have been cleaning ears with dawn a little to cut oil but still getting the drum. I am using WASCO fish and mammal premixed hide paste (I Like it). Any suggestions to stop the drumming. This is the only problem I have had with using the auto tanner. I really like the machine except the problem.

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This response submitted by Bob C on 1/30/1999. ( )

DAK, Try wiping down the ears with acetone before mounting them. You can also rough them up a bit with a wire brush. I think this will help you out. Bob C


This response submitted by WILDMAN on 2/7/1999. ( )

Yak; you might wanna try this Tom Powell Supply sells a two part ear adheasive it is a epoxy.In our shop we liqua tan all deer capes and the following method works 100% hopefully it will for you.First we wash after tan in a mild det. and cold water let drain and tumble till hair is somewhat dry. We do this in a clothes dryer with no heat and dry towels. then wash ears in laquer thinner then blow dry ears. We use epply or buckeye pink earliners scrub these in thinner this scrub is important. then rough up we use dremel for this.Now apply liberal coat of two part ear adheasive work out air bubbles sets in about 15min. We have no ear drumming ever with this.It also works real good on lip line and burr aera.If it gets on hair clean with laquer thinner as soon as possable.As far as other drumming goes are you throughly roughing form to remove all mold release? We do this by first burning lightly then roughing with a stout ruffer the fumes from burning may be harmful although. I also suggest buckeye supreme for a hide paste I hope this helps if it dont email me I know a guy who uses a autotanner and Ill give you his ph. no, see ya Jeff

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