Submitted by CURT on 2/1/1999. ( WAPITI74@HOTMAIL.COM )

A customer wants to have a black bear rug redone. It was done by
someone else about 8 years ago. It was cheaply done, the taxidermist
did not break the skin and it is brittle. It was shaved and felt hot
glued on. What are my chances of turning this into a nice job by
soaking, breaking, and remounting the head?

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Slim to None

This response submitted by Keith Daniels on 2/1/1999. ( )

Curt, sounds like it probably was never tanned. If so, it will probably fall apart when soaked up. Even if it was tanned, it will be a real iffy situation if you try to soak it, then hopefully the skin will be pliable enough for you to re-mount. Make real sure your customer knows there's a good chance he will lose the whole thing if you soak it, you might want to think about just completely re-doing the finish work on the head, sometimes this will work wonders. Keith

Best bet

This response submitted by Pam Fetterhoff on 2/1/1999. ( )

We have seen this manny times, I would not resoak this rug. Like Keith Daniels said this will most likely cause more problems than good. I would recondition the head and send it to a professional rugger who will strip the felt off and rerug it. I have been sewing wholesale rugs for 7 or so years and many are rerugs. Tell your customer he got what he paid for and this is the best you can do, next time have it done by a professional.Pam

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