The missing Bear...The Fur Shoppe

Submitted by Marta Polis on 2/1/1999. ( )

In November I sent a black bear hide to The Fur Shoppe in PA. I had sent the shop two bears prior and was impressed with the turn around and the quality of the tan. I had spoken to the owner who told me his family has been tanning hides for thirty years. I am a student in Minnesota and the bear I sent in Nov. was my first customer bear. I called a couple days ago to find the number had been disconnected and no new number was listed. I have tried calling everyone I can think of that may have information but haven"t learned anything. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.....if anyone can help me locate The Fur Shoppe or Herman Schaffer (the owner), I would really appreciate it. This kind of thing really scares me. Thank You.

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I'll give it a wack....

This response submitted by Perry on 2/1/1999. ( )


I live in PA. I have never heard of the fur shoppe, but it
is a big state. email me the owners name, last known address and
phone number and I'll see what I can find out for you. If I
know what city, I may be able to contact some PTA members there
and get some info for you.

Found my bear!!!

This response submitted by Marta on 2/4/1999. ( )

Mr Schaffer the owner if the Fur Shoppe called me yesterday to inform me that he mailed my bear the day before and the reason I couldn't contact him was because he had a flood. He's still in business and he does really nice work. If your in PA maybe you should give him a try. Thanks to all who read my request... thank you Perry for the response. I have to say I am now thinking about staying in the business. No more scares for me... PLEASE! The Fur Shoppe is located in Lake Winola, PA.

Hooray For Happy Endings!!!!!

This response submitted by John Bellucci on 2/5/1999. ( )

Glad to hear all went well for you Marta. Too bad for the tannery though... hope there wasn't too much damage.

Glad to help

This response submitted by perry on 2/5/1999. ( )


Until your posting, I didn't even know the place existed. As I emailed
Bruce, I called the guy and asked for a price list, just to see what things
are like.

Thanks Perry!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 2/6/1999. ( )

I was happy to see that all is well! Perry - thanks for your help. I appreciated you e-mailing me that info. Those area code changes sure do make life difficult!! Floods don't help either. Glad to hear that the Fur Shoppe is doing OK.

The Fur Shoppe ordeal

This response submitted by The Taxidermy Studio on 2/12/1999. ( )

We have a studio in Pa about 30 minutes from the fur shoppe. We just had Herman pick up a lifesize blk bear hide and a couple of elk capes and a moose cape. He does a good job on the hides, we don't have any trouble with the skins. We also bought some capes and lifesize skins off of him and had no prblems with them. If ya want the address email me and i will get it for you, I have a price sheet now.
Good luck
This forum is great

The Fur Shoppe

This response submitted by Ken on 2/15/1999. ( )

Here's the address of the fur shoppe
The Fur Shoppe
Whites Ferry Road
Lake Winola, Pa. 18625
They may have the new area code which is 570-378-3186.
Good luck.

Lost Albino Deer Hide

This response submitted by Pat Vallery on 8/27/00. ( )

I also lost a albino deer hide at the fur shop. The hide was sent there in march of 99. To date which is aug. of 2000 I still have no hide. anybody know where my hide is??


This response submitted by pat on 1/6/01. ( )

mistake on email address

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