rhinehart tanning cream!

Submitted by Doug P. on 2/6/1999. ( zdhp11@yellowhead.com )

I have tried different tanning creams that are sold here in Canada,but this rhinehart stuff has opened my eyes!,god this cream works like a dream.Also would like to say that after I made my order with them it took only 7 days to get here{northern Alberta}

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Tanning Cream

This response submitted by Backbone on 2/9/1999. ( )

I have used and tried various tanning creams myself. Rhineharts I have used for numerous mounts. I have had good success with it. Just curious, did you pickle the skins or brine them? I am playing around with different tans right now and I am trying to decide on one I like the best. I have also been trying different methods for tanning. This year immerse tanning is going to be what the majority of my skins will be mounted with. I like the results, but still feel slightly uneasy about soaking a skins so long in liquid. Another cream product I have had excellant results with is Rittels Qwik-N-Ease. Ever tried it?

hello backbone

This response submitted by Doug P. on 2/14/1999. ( zdhp11@yellowhead.com )

I pickle my hides using oxalic acid for a min. of 4 days and no i have never tried rittals

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