Mangled Ears

Submitted by Tim Lynch on 1/7/1999. ( )

I use a very well know tannery for all of my game heads.
However lately about half of the capes come back with the
ears mangled. It takes about two hours of sewing to piece
them back together. When I turn the ears, I try to leave
about 1/4 inch unturned at the edge to alleviate this problem.
Does anyone have a suggestion?

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This response submitted by Bob C on 1/7/1999. ( )

Tim, Put plastic cable tie around the base of the ear. This will prevent the sawdust from filling the ear and blowng it out. Or tell your tannery abot the problem.Some of the better tanneries are starting to do the cable tie thing to prevent this problem. Bob C


This response submitted by Tim Lynch on 1/7/1999. ( )

Thanks Bob. The tannery does use cable ties on the ears but it seams that the ears are blown out before they are tied. Do you think I sould cable tie them myself while salting?

Over Tumbling

This response submitted by The Fur Dresser on 1/8/1999. ( )

When ears are torn out it is usually a fault of overtumbling, at
least from what I have seen.

If your fur dresser will not take your suggestions it is probably
time to find a new one. Period.

the Fur Dresser

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