Tanning armadillo's

Submitted by perry on 1/7/1999. ( pgk@ncentral.com )

I recently gained possession of an armadillo. I was told by a reputable
person that liqua-cure 'should' work to tan the little beast. Is there
another option I may wish to consider?

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Tan the bugger

This response submitted by Bob C on 1/7/1999. ( Bobswildlife@webtv.net )

Perry, Tan it. Use a vinagar pickle and a cream tan. The formula for the pickle is easy.1-1-1 ...... 1 gal water , 1gal white vinagar, 1lb salt Bob C

I want some more information

This response submitted by Joost Vis on 3/22/99. ( t.vis@wxs.nl )

I'd like to have some more information on armadillo's since I will be having a subject on school about armadillo's. If you think you could help me, and send me some information before april 6, i'd be very thankfull.

I wait for your response, Joost Vis

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