hair lose

Submitted by sam on 1/9/1999. ( )

i am a beginner taxidermist and am useing the dry preservative method the hair on the hide appears to pull out rather easily the mount is approximately one week old will the hair set with time and what is the optimum drying conditions

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Low humidity

This response submitted by Jeff on 1/10/1999. ( )

the best drying conditions would be low humidity with good air cirulation however I would not recomend using dry preserative.


This response submitted by B.S.RHEA on 1/12/1999. ( )

How old is the cape?Is it freezer burned?Was the deer killed in warm tempratures?Did you mount the deer wetor dry?These are all possibillities for hair slippage.I am also a beginner and havent mounted many yet,but out of the ones i have mounted ive only had one mount to have hair fall out in one spot.It was one of my first to do and it had been in the freezer for 3 years.If you cleaned it well(removed all meat and fat)and its not spoiled or freezer burned the hair will probably set.Just dont pick at it set it aside and let it dry for about 2 weeks then test brush it.Hope this is some help to you ,good luck.

thanks for the response.

This response submitted by sam on 1/12/1999. ( )

well the hides are approx....3months old well taken care of cleaned and fleshed and the hides were washed and disenfected and then mounted, it seems that the dry time is being extented due to the enviorment in my basement, i recently installed a stove to better remove some of the humidity .thanks again


This response submitted by Bill on 1/13/1999. ( )

Do yourself a big favor and try the tanning process. You'll be amazed at how nice it is to mount the detailed areas of the mount with a thin skin that dries in 3 or 4 days. Trust me, I wouldnt steer you the wrong way.

Bill's the man

This response submitted by Perry on 1/14/1999. ( )


I agree with Bill, Short cuts lead to short life span when
dealing with perishable items. Try the tanned skins. If you don't
want to deal with the mess of tanning yourself, use a commercial


thanks again...

This response submitted by sam on 1/14/1999. ( )

thanks for the responses....perry how do i get hooked up with a good comercial tannery i live on the east coast in new hampshire and do i need any special permits to deal with commercial tannery and how do i ship hides...salted , frozen, or dry...and what is the approximate cost....thanks again for all your help...

commercial tanning

This response submitted by Dale on 1/16/1999. ( )

I have used Fortman's Taxidermy&Tannery in Ohio and was real
pleased with the results. They did a fine job at a fair price.They can
be reached at they will have all the info. you need.I have used both dry perv. and tanning and I think tanning is the only way to go.Good luck.

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