Cape Cleaning

Submitted by Tom on 1/9/1999. ( kimberly@compucenter )

After tanning a Deer cape with EZ-100 and oiling Can you wash the cape in order to clean up the hair I have been rinsing the cape in cold water after I remove the cape from the tan and then oiling and if so what could be used to clean up the hair and in what step?

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thats one of the reasons we talk about the tumbler!

This response submitted by Bill on 1/9/1999. ( )

Tom, you tumble them in sawdust and they clean and shine up nicely. If you're a beginner, you can rub the sawdust into the hair by hand, but that gets old fast. See all the postings in tanning, wanted to buy, etc about tumblers.

what size tumbler is needed

This response submitted by Jeff on 1/9/1999. ( )

Bill what size tumbler workes best for deer capes

not an easy question

This response submitted by Bill on 1/10/1999. ( )

if you do a couple capes and just want to tumble them to clean them up, I use one with a barrel thats about 30 gallons. This way it rolls in the sawdust, as do the birds that I dont want to bang up (so I'd use more sawdust-and dont forget to chage the sawdust when you go from oiled capes to birds) If you want to do a lot of capes, you may want to look at the drum, which also works the cape(breaking?) and a seperate cage to knock the sawdust out with. Maybe Keith or Bruce will read this and jump in for additional info as this is right up thier alley- they are both tanners.

just want to clean & polish capes

This response submitted by jeff on 1/10/1999. ( )

Bill thanks for your response ,if I just wanted to clean & polish the capes would a 30 or 55 gallon tumbler work. My two year old takes care of breaking things for now HA HA . I have seen deer mounts at shows that look very clean , Iam sure you know what Iam talking about will these smaller tumblers do this.If not is there some thing that could be sprayed on the finished mount ? I have tryed alot of products but nothing seems to give me the results Iam looking for.

Small Drum, Small Quantities

This response submitted by Keith Daniels on 1/11/1999. ( )

Jeff, a small barrel will work for doing small volume, but you will have to do alot of hand cleaning on each skin. Since the skins just rol in a small drum, instead of lifting and dropping like they do in a tall drum, you don't get near as much exchange of grit or sawdust, so your solvent doesn't get to do as much cleaning. I'm sure that you can get your skin reasonably clean, especially on coarse hair animals like white tails, by shaking and blowing out the excess after tumbling, and even wipe down the hair with a solvent after mounting for a final cleaning. Something Carol does that works real well is use Hair Sheen on her mounts as the very last step. Don't put it on before you paint since paint won't stick if you happen to get it on the nose or around the eyes. Products like these also help keep the mount from getting a dry and dead look. Keith

Thanks for the help, Kieth

This response submitted by Bill on 1/11/1999. ( )

To Tom, Jeff and I cant remember who else, I asked Kieth if he'd jump in and help as he is a tanner by trade. Just to show you two correct ways, I dont care for putting anything on the hair afterward. Just my opinion, I see both points. See what I'm saying? Good luck either way YOU choose.

Thanks Kieth & Bill

This response submitted by Jeff on 1/11/1999. ( )

Thanks for the info guys

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