Anybody know of Champion Tannery?

Submitted by Paul Coenen on 1/12/1999. ( )

I see in the "Taxidermists web pages" (Wisconsin) on the homepage that there's a Champion Tannery in Wisconsin that has a web page. My question is: have any of you used this service, or visited their page, know a phone number, e-mail address or even what city they are in. Their page won't load. Maybe they're out of the loop or something. Thanks for your help.

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Try this!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 1/13/1999. ( )

If you want to call Jim Champion at Champion Tannery - try this number. (608) 994-3157.

Thanks Bruce

This response submitted by Paul Coenen on 1/13/1999. ( )

Thanks Bruce, but by the area code alone you've answered my question. Too far for me to deliver my hides in person.

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