KWIK-N-EZY acid bath question.

Submitted by Scott C. on 2/19/1999. ( )

I'm new to taxidermy and tanning so forgive me if this a
stupid question. Do you get the same result using WASCO
True-tan acid bath crystals containing Oxalic acid
as you do with Formic acid in the pickle bath. Kwik-n-ezy
instructions suggest Formic acid but I don't have any on hand.
Will the WASCO ABCs substitute.

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This response submitted by Ken Edwards on 2/20/1999. ( )

Yes, Scott, the Oxalic Acid in WASCO Acid Bath Crystals will work great with the Kwick-N-Eze tanning solution.


This response submitted by Scott C. on 2/21/1999. ( )

Thanks Ken. This is one of the greatest learning tools I've
found, and it's because of people like you who don't mind
giving out some information.
Thanks again,

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