Salt & Alum "Pickle"(?)

Submitted by Jerry on 1/23/1999. ( AKBIRDS@AOL.COM )

I have some skins that were 'pickled' with salt & alum. Are they 'preserved'? Is there something that can be done to 'tan' them? thanks

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thats a good start

This response submitted by Bill on 1/23/1999. ( )

Jerry, read on down this category a bit and you'll have a bunch of answers to your question. There are a lot of tans described and they are all good. Good luck to ya!

So they can be 'tanned'?

This response submitted by Jerry on 1/25/1999. ( )

So Bill, if I understand your response (thanks!), these skins are pickled and can be 'tanned' using the 'tan' of my choice?

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