Sawdust for tumbler

Submitted by Brad on 1/13/1999. ( )

Just a quick question about sawdust. I have been using sawdust from a local cabinet shop and want know if this is the same as I would get from WASCO ect. The dust is walnut I use it on birds and game. Do you guys at tanneries feel I would be best served with fine or course. Would corn cob granules be better, should I be adding any of the fur dressings? Thanks for your time.

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Commercial dust

This response submitted by Keith Daniels on 1/13/1999. ( )

Brad, get your dust from a supplier. It will be clean dust form a light colored wood, dark woods can tend to stain your skins. You don't want a real course dust, most of what the suppliers carry will work just fine.

Corn cob has advantages and disadvantages. We use it on all our "wet" tan skins, but use dust on dry tans. Corn cob will give you a much cleaner skin, and cleans out of bird feathers easier, but you have to keep drying it out, or it will mold on you. The only thing you need to add to your dust or grit is some solvent of some kind, high grade odorless mineral spirits works real good, to help clean the excess oil from the hair.

I'd say try both and see which you like working with best. keith

How about???

This response submitted by Travis on 1/14/1999. ( )

Is there any substitute for saw dust?


This response submitted by Keith on 1/15/1999. ( )

Travis, there are some other things that people have tried, but other than sawdust and corn cob grit, there's none that I've heard anything real good about. I'd suggest just sticking with one of these. Keith


This response submitted by Travis on 1/15/1999. ( )

Man my credit card is going to be maxed by the end of next week,,,:)

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