"Shelf life" of a Lutan F tanned skins?

Submitted by Jerry Howard on 2/13/1999. ( AKBIRDS@AOL. )

When a skin is tanned with Lutan F, how long can it be stored before it is not longer fit for mounting purposes? Is tanning a skin better than freezing this skin for 'long-term' storage? Thanks

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Tan and freeze!!

This response submitted by J. T. Becker on 2/13/1999. ( )

For the ultimate in long storage, tan then put in freezer!! Some tan, then put in freezer without soaking up, while we choose to tan then soak up ''for measurements, etc...'' then we freeze for long term storage. When thawed, it's as fresh as can be!! Hope this helps.

It's got an indefinate shelf life!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 2/14/1999. ( rittel@ici.net )

One of the best qualities of a Lutan F or EZ-100 tanned cape or skin, is that these tans have what is called an "indefinate shelf-life". Unlike some tannages, they dont leave any reactive material in the skin, that can later reactivate and form an acid which in turn weakens the skin with age until it simply falls apart. However - for long term storage, I would dry the skin after tanning and oiling, to fix the tannage, and then store it. Or - as JT suggests, soak it up after its dried, tumble it briefly and freeze it for later. I myself prefer to store it dry until I'm ready to mount, then I rehydrate it.

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